January 2021: Three RCV bills considered in 2021 Legislative Session

January 22, 2021
This quarter’s update has a lot of ground to cover. The events in the Capitol on January 6 make us determined to work on ways to prevent anything like this from happening again. As FairVote CEO Rob Ritchie said, "Our problems have deep and complex roots that go far beyond electoral rules. But making our representative democracy work demands changing the incentives of how to get elected and stay in office. Until we reform our elections, too many of our political leaders will be  incentivized to reinforce these divides and deepen polarization."

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2020 Presential Election Approaches

October 19, 2020

As Election Day approaches, it seems appropriate to think about how our political system is

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) isn’t a cure-all but will help on three fronts...

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July 2020: RCV is the Answer to Historic Pandemic and Economy in Turmoil

July 16, 2020

During this momentous year with an historic pandemic, and economy in turmoil, national and
local election campaigns, and a renewed focus on racial justice, we continue to hold dearly
our rights to hold public debates and to elect our leaders. And we wish to thank you for your
active participation in our democracy and in protecting its long-term health.

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April 2020: Ranked choice voting is gaining traction

April 20, 2020
Here is a brief update since we last communicated with you in January:

Several volunteers greeted voters at the polls on Super Tuesday, handed out our new
Ranked Choice Voting flyer which you can see on our
website, and discussed why
Texas should adopt it. This helped us double our number of signed-up supporters. At
the appropriate time, we plan to ask our supporters to contact their legislators.

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