Vision and Principles

Mission Statement

Promote the adoption of instant runoffs / ranked choice voting (RCV) for local, state, and federal elections in Texas to help ensure broad voter support for winning candidates, save time and money, and improve the voting experience by reducing negative campaigning and helping to make sure all votes matter.

Guiding Principles


Given today’s political climate, we remain staunchly non-partisan in all of our efforts. It is important that this reform campaign not be perceived as coming from the left or right, but rather that it comes from voters for voters.

Coalition Building

Many existing organizations with diverse missions have become interested in RCV. Within Texas we will build a coalition of partner organizations and marshal our collective efforts in advocating for RCV in Texas. We will coordinate with national organizations in support of national / federal efforts to adopt RCV.


Our mission centers around grass-roots education and advocacy. Our message and underlying sources should be accessible by all Texans.


The public’s trust that our message is sincere and fact-driven is crucial to our ultimate success. Amidst all of today’s vested interests and lobbying bodies competing for voter attention, we will
strive for maximum transparency in all facets.

Strategic Aims

1. Build Public Support

We will educate and rally support from the general public for RCV. The resulting extensive database of supporters and broad group of volunteers and donors will persuade lawmakers and other public officials to support RCV adoption.

2. Lobby Legislators

Lobby to change state laws to allow and to adopt RCV; we recognize this will be a multi-year effort.

3. Ensure voting machines are capable of RCV

The largest 23 Texas counties will have RCV-ready voting machines starting in 2020. To support other counties, we will provide information on machines and software that are RCV-ready and what can be done manually when a county’s machines are not RCV-ready.

4. Support election administrators

We will support state and county election administrators across the state in the smooth execution of RCV elections, when and where they occur.