Our Board Members and Leadership Team are Texans committed to Texas. We are here to serve this great state.

Board of Directors







Greg Armstrong




Chief Operating Officer, Signorelli Company; previous roles: President & CEO, WEDGE Inc.; Certified Public Accountant with national accounting firms specializing in tax and financial consulting to the real estate industry. Greg earned a Bachelor of Business in Accounting at the University of Notre Dame.


“The problems we face as a society require thoughtful leadership, active collaboration, and reasonable compromise. I believe RCV rewards thoughtful dialogue and intellectual persuasion and disincentivizes divisive bravado. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than participating in influencing this important positive change to get our democracy back on firm ground.”


Jay Friedman


President, Goodway Group; venture partner and investor. Jay earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Journalism and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin.


“I believe most politicians begin with good intentions, but our election system incentivizes negative campaigning and extremism. These work well in a plurality election system but not in a ranked choice voting system. Good ideas, candidates who implement good ideas, and citizens are all winners with ranked choice voting.”







Kathryn Hite de Sousa


Co-founder, Ranked Choice Voting for Texas; Director, Schlumberger. Kathryn earned a Master of Business Administration from Texas McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia.


“Since as a country we celebrate competitive open markets, several years ago I researched how to encourage more competition on our ballot and elect officials who better reflect the preferences of the majority of the voters. Ranked choice voting tackles the root causes. As a bonus, it can also lower the cost of elections!”








Joanne Richards

Vice Chair

Retired Professor, University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy; founder, Common Ground for Texans. Joanne earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Physiology and a Bachelor of Science at Iowa State University.


“By eliminating runoff elections, ranked choice voting saves money for taxpayers and candidates and voters don't need to wait for a second election later to determine the winner. Candidates campaign on issues rather than denigrating their opponent. What is not to like about ranked choice voting?”


Harriet Wasserstrum


Co-founder, Ranked Choice Voting for Texas; retired President, American Leadership Forum-Houston; retired Vice Chair, JPMorgan Chase-Texas Region. Harriet earned a Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology at Barnard College of Columbia University.


“There is so much that Americans agree on, but something needs to change to help ensure that candidates who win have broad voter support and are more likely to engage in dialogue that leads to problem solving rather than gridlock. RCV won’t solve all of our problems but can have a positive impact in Texas.”

Team Leads


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Rank the Vote Liaison

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