April 2023: Let's turn this lege session around!


Bill to ban RCV in Texas

Upcoming Action Alert: Interim Charge to study RCV between legislative sessions

Help us spread the word

A heartfelt thanks to our supporters

1. Bill to ban RCV in Texas

Our planned work this session was disrupted when legislators introduced a bill to ban the use of ranked choice voting in all Texas elections, following several other states. It passed in the Senate and the House held a hearing. RCV helps elect broadly supported candidates, saves time and money by eliminating runoff elections, and improves campaign civility. These are fact-based benefits. Contrary views demand some supporting data or logic but the campaign to ban RCV is primarily based on misinformation. 

2. Upcoming Action Alert: Ask for an Interim Charge

We plan to end this legislative session on a positive note. In the coming days, we'll issue an Action Alert asking all supporters to contact their Representative in the Texas House to ask for an Interim Charge to study ranked choice voting. Stay tuned! 

3.  Help us spread the word

It’s more important than ever to communicate the benefits of RCV to a wider audience in Texas, particularly in areas where support is lacking. We have trained speakers across the state to present to interested organizations including League of Women Voters chapters, Rotary Clubs, Civic Associations, as well as to small groups hosted by supporters in their homes. Political party chapters are ideal venues as attendees are likely to have an interest in voting issues. If you belong to a group that may be interested in such a presentation, please consider arranging one or suggesting good prospects. We appreciate any and all assistance as we prepare for the long term.

SPOTLIGHT: A heartfelt thanks to our supporters

It has been a difficult session, with much energy being spent to stop the ban bill. Thank you deeply to all of our supporters who have taken action. Your responses to our Action Alerts have sent almost 2,000 messages to legislators, and we appreciate the 75 supporters who submitted written testimony during hearings to ban all RCV in Texas, including several who stayed to testify in person.

It may be hard to see the impact your actions as a citizen make, but constituent voices can influence how our legislators vote, and are crucial to our success.


  • April 18 & 25, May 2 & 9 at 6:30PM - Live Outreach Planning Meetings: We will be hosting weekly meetings in April and May to discuss in-person opportunities to recruit supporters and prepare you to talk about RCV. No prior experience is needed. Register at our Event Calendar. 
  • April 20 & 27 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register here.  
  • April 24 to May 6 – Canvass the polls in communities with May elections: Talk to voters about Ranked Choice Voting at early voting locations between April 24th and May 2nd; Election Day is on May 6. The polls are always the best place to engage with voters! RSVP to volunteer and we'll mail you some flyers to hand out. Register at our Event Calendar
  • April 29 at 8AM - Saturday Farmer's Market in Houston: Come out to one of the largest Farmers Market in Texas and ask people to sign up to support our efforts to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Texas! RSVP at our Event Calendar.   
  • May 16 at 7PM – Improve Texas Elections: Join our bi-monthly virtual meeting to learn more about ranked choice voting and how you can help implement this nonpartisan change in voting logistics that can make elections better, faster and cheaper. RSVP at our Event Calendar.


Ranked choice voting works. Montana should try it, not ban it - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

A former election administrator in Utah speaks to fellow conservatives and says that RCV made Utah County’s elections less expensive and more efficient. This former marine says RCV was popular with voters, who appreciated having more voice and more choice.

The 2024 blame game has already begun Democracy SOS

Will the 2024 presidential election be “spoiled”? Voting won’t begin for another year, but the accusations are already flying. Without ranked choice voting, a large field of presidential candidates could split the vote and spoil each other, frustrating voters as well as majority rule.

Why Republicans should embrace ranked choice voting  Discourse

The appeal of RCV to Republicans should be obvious: At a time when unelectable candidates are earning their party’s nomination in “purple” swing states and districts, RCV could help ensure that nominees are broadly popular and ultimately more competitive in the general election.

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Ranked choice voting can lead to better elections by saving taxpayers time and money, creating broad support for candidates, reducing negative campaigning, and giving voters more choice and a stronger voice. 

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