January 2024: Resolve to Connect to RCV in 2024!

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2024 may be a breakout year for Ranked Choice Voting

Democracy SOS

Across the nation, RCV will be on the ballot in a number of states and cities -- and already it has won 27 city and four statewide ballot measures in a row.  2024 may well turn out to be the most momentous year yet in the history of electoral system reform in the United States.


What If Georgia Conducted Instant Runoffs Using Ranked-Choice Voting?

R Street

Georgia's runoff elections in 2020 and 2022 proved decisive for the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, with Democrats holding the slimmest possible majority in the 117th Congress.  Yet, if Republicans in Georgia had bucked their party's recent push against instant runoff elections, the outcome may have been very different.


The Crowded GOP Presidential Field Needs Ranked-Choice Voting, Not Dropouts

The Messenger

There has been a chorus of calls for lower-polling candidates in the Republican presidential primary to drop out of the race.  But pressuring candidates to drop out is not a sustainable or realistic solution to the problem of a crowded primary field.  Instead, the Republican Party should use ranked-choice voting for its presidential primary.



Ballotpedia Launches "RCV Info Hub," a Comprehensive, Nonpartisan Resource on Ranked-Choice Voting

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Ballotpedia has assembled its coverage, analysis, and expert commentary on ranked-choice voting into a new knowledge base for voters, researchers, and the media:  "RCV Info Hub."  The Hub was created to address the lack of neutral resources to help voters understand what RCV is, how it's used, its history, and why people support or oppose its use.



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