November 2023: WOW - RCV did well in November!

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Ranked-choice voting passed in three cities, but Michigan law prohibits it - Bridge Michigan

RCV measures passed in several Michigan cities on Tuesday, however LIKE TEXAS, they will have no effect until Lansing lawmakers allow RCV to be used in the state. Texas is emulating Michigan. Austin will allow RCV in municipal elections as soon as the state allows it. RCVforTexas is supporting similar moves in El Paso, Dallas, and possibly San Antonio.

Ranked Choice Voting Improves Politicians' Inventives and Should Reduce Political Polarization - AllSides

To reduce political polarization, we need to change the current incentives that amplify politicians to be divisive.  Ranked choice voting is one such system that could lessen the desire of those running for and elected to office to engage in polarizing activity.

Ranked Choice Voting Sweeps on Election Day 2023 - FairVote

Ranked choice voting is the fastest-growing nonpartisan voting reform in the nation; with November 7th’s ballot wins, it has won 27 city ballot measures in a row. While cities like Salt Lake City, Boulder, Portland (ME), Minneapolis, Las Cruces (and since this article was written Lexington, MA) are quickly identifying majority winners in single RCV elections this November, voters in Houston will have to go back to the polls to vote in a runoff next month.

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