March 2024: Let's Make Runoffs Obsolete with Ranked Choice Voting!

Primary Season in Texas Continues - a short update between editions of our regular newsletter!


Two Key TX House Races Head to Expensive and Unnecessary Runoff Elections

Independent Voter News

Two US House primary races in Texas are headed for runoffs on May 28. Voters who are already exhausted with the political process will be asked to go to the polls in runoff elections that historically draw in half of the primary's turnout -- which was abysmally low in 2024.  Only 18% of registered voters voted.  This article contains a quote from our own Harriet Wasserstrum!

Testimony on Maryland SB 493--a bill to use ranked-choice voting in the 2028 presidential primary

R Street Institute

Robert Melvin, Senior Manager, State Government Affairs of the Northeast Region, R Street Institute, gives testimony in support of ranked-choice voting in presidential primary elections in the state of Maryland.

What is ranked choice voting, the contentious election method expanding across the nation?

Fox News

"Thousands of Americans planning to head to the polls this year will use a voting method that has been popularized in recent U.S. history and continues to face backlash from some critics over its effectiveness and fairness."

INSIGHT KANSAS: Who's afraid of ranked choice voting?

The Salina Post

"Why on earth are Kansas Legislators seeking to ban Ranked Choice Voting?"

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