June 2023: Gavel Down on 88th Lege Session


88th Regular Session Is a Wrap

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1. 88th Regular Session Is a Wrap

The 88th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature concluded on May 29th. Fortunately the bill to ban all ranked choice voting in Texas was not passed in the House and therefore did not become law. Our focus is now back to advocating for targeted RCV legislation for specific types of elections -- a far more satisfying goal than stopping bad bills. RCV can have a positive impact on the political landscape in Texas, so let's aim to implement it in bite-size pieces to give Texans a chance to see its benefits.

2. How You Can Get Involved 

Now is a great time to volunteer and help us bring ranked choice voting to Texas. We are organizing constituents in small groups to meet elected officials and discuss the benefits of instant runoffs. To determine your elected officials, please provide your home address if you haven't already. Visit our Take Action page to see different ways to help out. You can explore volunteering opportunities or let us know what you'd like to do, and we will provide you with the necessary details to get started. 

3. Contact Your Legislators 

Take this 3-question survey to generate personalized emails to your State Senator and Representative letting them know you support ranked choice voting. We are starting early and requesting support now from our legislators for the next Legislative Session. 

SPOTLIGHT: Try RCV for GOP 2024 Presidential Candidates

Check out this ranked choice voting tool to express your preferences for the announced Republican presidential candidates. After you "vote" you'll be able to view the results. If only we could do this for the actual March 5, 2024 primary! If more Democrats choose to run before then, we will ask you to rank them too. Cast your vote! 


  • June  17 at 11AM – Houston Juneteenth Canvass: Come talk to people in person and ask them to sign up to support our efforts to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Texas! Register here.
  • June 17 at 6PM - Dallas Juneteenth Celebration/March Canvass: Come talk to people in person and ask them to sign up to support our efforts to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Texas! Register here.
  • June 20 & 27, July 11, 18 & 25 at 6:30PM - Live Outreach Planning Meetings: We will be hosting weekly meetings in June and July to discuss in-person opportunities to recruit supporters and prepare you to talk about RCV. No prior experience is needed. Register at our Event Calendar. 
  • June 22 & 29, July 6, 13, 20 & 27 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register at our Event Calendar. 
  • June 27 at 7PM - RCV Speaker Training: Help educate the public about RCV. This training is for volunteers interested in becoming knowledgeable and confident to do RCV presentations. Register here


Commentary: Presidential primaries would benefit from ranked-choice voting - Jacksonville Journal-Courier

Two former Republican Party chairs argue that ranked choice voting would improve the GOP's presidential prospects. A recent Citizen Data poll indicates 61% of Republicans support ranking candidates in a crowded primary field, where "spoiled" votes, nasty infighting and frustrated voters are common. The situation applies to Democrats as well.

Why some Dems fear Cornel West presents a unique challenge for Joe Biden - Election Law Blog

This article discusses the impact of third party candidates on US presidential elections and highlights upcoming, recent and historical examples of why RCV should be used in presidential elections -- not just party primaries used to select Democratic and Republican nominees.

Why Conservatives Shouldn't Fear Ranked Choice Voting - Real Clear Policy

RCV is a modest procedural reform meant to better match voter preferences to electoral outcomes, with implications that are neutral as between left and right. While moderate Democratic candidate Mary Peltola won the Alaska seat in Congress, Republicans had one of their best statehouse showings ever.

Ranked-choice voting would save San Antonians time and money - San Antonio Report 

Our colleague from Veterans for Political Innovation advocates for RCV as a way to avoid expensive, low-turnout runoff elections.

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