December 2023: Tis the Season… RCV Keeps Giving Hope to Voters!


Mayor of Houston Election Could Have Been Different

RCV is as easy as 1,2,3!

Gear Up For the Texas Primaries!

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We are back for this month's The Scoop on RCV - your short update about all things ranked choice voting in Texas!


As 2023 draws to a close and we look back over the year, RCV for Texas has made some progress promoting the case for ranked choice voting to Texans, not only during the legislative session, but also educating the public and advocating for RCV between sessions.

  1. Mayor of Houston Election Could Have Been Different

    Houstonians had to return to the polls on December 9th to vote in a runoff election for mayor, controller and seven city council seats.  A letter to the editor from Harriet Wasserstrum of RCV for Texas was published in the Houston Chronicle, explaining that if Houston had ranked choice voting, additional taxpayer cost to administer a second election, added costs for candidates and donors, and decreased voter participation in the final determination would have been avoided. If you identify local media outlets that accept opinion pieces or offer on-air interview opportunities, please reach out to Paula Winter for content you can submit or to connect with one of our trained speakers.

  2. RCV is as easy as 1,2,3!

    January 23, 2024 is RCV day nationwide. The celebration starts on Saturday, the 20th; we will provide details once available. Then on January 23rd (1/23 — because RCV is as easy as 1,2,3), promote RCV to your social media network. Look at the RCV for Texas Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or X posts to find one to share. It is important to share information about RCV to as many people as possible. You’d be surprised at the number of people who have never heard of it or have received misinformation about it!

  3. Gear Up For the Texas Primaries!

    March 5, 2024 will be primary day in Texas. The number of primary challengers looks like it will be significantly greater than in 2022. RCV for Texas has drafted questions for supporters to ask candidates when attending a candidate forum.

  4. RCV Supporter Communication

    RCV for Texas is working on changes to communication preferences for supporters. New sign-ups can choose if they only want to receive Action Alerts, or also want to receive newsletters, or want to receive all meeting and other announcements too. Our current supporters will also be asked to specify their preferences. You can let us know your preferences now by clicking on the communication preferences link below.


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The Dallas Charter Review Commission is looking at a potential amendment to add the use of ranked choice voting in city elections. The proposal, backed by at least two of the fifteen charter review commissioners, would reduce the number of times voters are asked to head to the polls by eliminating council runoff elections.

Members can recommend changes to the charter which will be submitted to City Council for consideration no later than May 21. Council members may approve, change or disregard the commission’s recommendations.  Any council-approved amendments will be listed as propositions on the November 5, 2024 ballot for Dallas voters.


  • December 21 and 28 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register at our Event Calendar

  • January 4, 11, 18, and 25 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register at our Event Calendar

  • Janurary 4 and 25 at 5:30PM - RCV Speaker Training: Help educate the public about RCV. This training is for volunteers interested in becoming knowledgeable and confident to do RCV presentations. Register here.


2023 had the second-most local RCV ballot measures since 1965 - Ballotpedia News

In 2023, seven jurisdictions in five states decided local ballot measures to adopt or repeal ranked choice voting - the second-highest number to do so since 1965.  Voters approved all six measures to adopt RCV and defeated the one measure to repeal it.

Following Election Day, King, Bennet introduce bill to encourage ranked choice voting - Angus King Press Release

Following the November 2023 election, US Senators Angus King and Michael Bennet introduced the Voter Choice Act to support the adoption of ranked choice voting for federal elections.

Ballotpedia ranked choice voting resource - Ballotpedia

Ballotpedia has provided a comprehensive go-to resource with coverage, analysis and expert commentary on all things RCV, from a definition, to ballot measures, history, pro and con perspectives, and trends.  A great resource!

What if voters don't rank all the candidates? Inactive or exhausted ballots in single-choice vs. instant runoff voting - FairVote

FairVote reports that inactive ballots arise in nearly every election method, but RCV results in fewer ballots becoming inactive than single-choice voting. This is demonstrated by real-world examples from Maine, New York City, San Francisco, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

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The holidays came early this year! We were just awarded a $50,000 grant to support legislative activities. Our lobbyist was instrumental in stopping the bill to ban all RCV in Texas that was filed this year. Please show your support for Ranked Choice Voting for Texas with a year-end gift.