May 2023: VIDEO: The Best Texas RCV Explainer Video


Closing in on the 88th Legislative Session

SPOTLIGHT: RCV in Your Daily Life


Closing in on the 88th Legislative Session

At the end of this month, the 88th Legislative Session will come to a close. The RCV for Texas campaign has been hard at work throughout the legislative session. It is a good time to remind ourselves why we advocate for RCV and the benefits it can bring to our great state. We encourage you to click the video below and enjoy one of our favorite RCV explainer videos! And please share with your friends. The video run time is 2 minutes and 33 seconds. 

Stay tuned! We will be sharing a 4-question survey that will generate an email to your State Senator and Representative. We are starting early and requesting support now from our legislators for the next Legislative Session. 

YouTube Video for RCVforTexas

SPOTLIGHT: RCV in Your Daily Life

Have you been with a group of friends or colleagues that cannot make a decision? Maybe there are too many options to pick from or no one can seem to agree. There are applications that use ranked choice voting to make these decisions easier. Let's say a group of friends cannot decide on what restaurant to go to for dinner. One person in the group collects all of the dinner options and creates a ballot. Each person is asked to rank the items from first to last choice. When determining the "winner", if someone's first choice is eliminated, their vote is transferred to their second choice. Using RCV ensures that the chosen restaurant is supported by a majority of the friends and the group avoids a long debate on where to eat.
There are a bunch of applications to explore. FairVote has a great summary of RCV Applications and Ballot Tools for you to check out. 
Use an app to create your own RCV contests, decisions, or elections. We created a RankedVote poll on the benefits of RCV. Respond to the poll and we will share the results in the next newsletter!


  • May 18 & 25, June 8 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register at our Event Calendar. 
  • May 30 at 7PM – RCV Speaker Training: Help educate the public about RCV. This training is for volunteers interested in becoming knowledgeable and confident to do RCV presentations. Register here.
  • May 23 & 30, June 6 & 13 at 6:30PM - Live Outreach Planning Meetings: We will be hosting weekly meetings in May and June to discuss in-person opportunities to recruit supporters and prepare you to talk about RCV. No prior experience is needed. Register at our Event Calendar. 


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