RCV for Military and Overseas Voters

RCV for Military and Overseas Voters

Enable military and overseas voters to use Ranked Choice Voting so their right to vote is not affected by delays in receiving ballots for runoff elections (HB 1444, Senate Bill # To Be Determined -- SB TBD)



The right to vote is a right guaranteed to all eligible Americans. This bill prevents the disenfranchisement of military and overseas voters by allowing the voter to rank their choices in a potential runoff at the same time they cast their standard ballot. Avoiding the mailing of a second runoff ballot would not only protect their votes but also respect the use of taxpayer money. Ultimately, by using ranked choice voting this bill enhances the election and runoff processes for military and overseas voters so that their votes count.

Legislative History

The House bill (HB740) was passed by the full House in 2021 but no action was taken in the Senate before the 2021 legislative session ended. The bill was reintroduced in 2023 but no hearing was held.

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