RankedVote: Test Out RCV

Want to try out and test Ranked Choice Voting for fun? Ask your friends to rank their favorite hamburger or any another topic you choose.




RankedVote is a tool anyone can use to conduct an election using RCV.

Try Out RCV: Rank your favorite things

You can vote in a ranked choice election now using a free app called RankedVote. You can create your own poll on the RankedVote website or you can participate their demo. You can view the results to date after casting your ballot, and see how the instant runoff process works to arrive at a majority winner.

You can also create your own polls with RankedVote and share with friends and family!

But seriously, go to RankedVote and tell us what you think are the most important benefits of Ranked Choice Voting.


Rank The Candidates!

The list of Republican presidential hopefuls is growing.

Express your preferences using RCV at RankedVote!



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