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The Case for Rank Choice Voting with Nick Troiano

What is rank choice voting? How has Alaska fared with its move to rank choice this election cycle? Could the extremism we've seen take hold over both parties end if more states adopted rank choice? We also discuss voting by mail, term limits, campaign finance reform, and allowing candidates to make their pitch in 50 words or less on the ballot itself. 

PODCAST: Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw podcast


Different Perspectives on Ranked Choice Voting with Harriet Wasserstrum and James Quintero

This is a discussion on Alternative Voting Methods, including Ranked Choice Voting, with Harriet Wasserstrum and James Quintero.

Harriet is the Chair of Ranked Choice Voting for Texas and James is the Director of the Center for Local Governance at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of America's premier conservative think tanks and author of “The Case Against Ranked-Choice Voting”.

PODCAST (via YouTube): Think with Lucie


Ranked Choice Voting with Don Krause & Toni Wing-Jenkins

A very interesting discussion with Don Krause of Ranked Choice Voting of Texas and Toni Wing-Jenkins of the Forward Party of Texas. Check out what they have to say about the current state of voting, not just in Texas, but nationwide.

PODCAST (via Facebook): Mr. Allard's Neighborhood



Tweak The Vote

In the United States and abroad, citizens of democracies are feeling increasingly alienated, disaffected, and powerless. How do we fix it?   Listen to this podcast as they describe how RCV worked in a 2018 Dublin City Council election.

PODCAST: Radio Lab



RCV Clips

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center has an inventory of RCV Clips that cover various topics primarily targeting election administrators, such as how the State of Maine educated voters for their first-ever ranked choice voting elections in 2018 and the importance of risk-limiting audits of RCV.




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