Our Work

Ranked Choice Voting for Texas is incorporated as a Texas domestic nonprofit organization. We have a 501c3 organization for our voter education efforts and a 501c4 organization for our legislative advocacy work. We are building a supporter network for ranked choice voting (RCV) in Texas so that  enabling legislation can be passed in the Texas State Legislature.

In 2021 during the 87th Legislative Session, RCV for Texas plans to advocate for several bills that seek to:

  • Allow RCV as a county option for nonpartisan county, municipal, and school district elections. 
  • Enable military and overseas voters to use RCV so their right to vote is not affected by delays in receiving ballots for runoff elections (HB740). 
  • Adopt RCV to help sort through multiple candidates in primary elections (text of Texas House Bill 117).

To support this legislative agenda, we hope you join our grassroots letter writing campaign. An easy way to do this is by signing up on this website and we will help the process. At the appropriate time, we will send you a 4-question survey, answers to which will be incorporated in personalized letters sent to each supporter’s Texas Representative and State Senator. Links to the survey will also be posted on social media.