Other RCV Organizations


FairVote is a nonpartisan champion of electoral reforms that give voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a representative democracy that works for all Americans. Since 1992, it has worked to win electoral reforms at the local, state, and national level through strategic research, communications and collaboration. Today they are the driving force behind advancing ranked choice voting and fair representation in multi-winner legislative districts that will open up our elections to better choices, fairer representation and more civil campaigns. 

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center provides a compilation of best practices and first-hand experiences from jurisdictions that have used this method of voting. Their website provides a particularly good resource for election administrators, policy makers, and candidates but is also helpful for voters.


As our name says, Ranked Choice Voting for Texas exists to advocate for the adoption of RCV by Texas. In the long term, we hope to be able to use it for local, state and federal elections.  There are comparable organizations located throughout the United States which you can find by searching on the internet or checking out the list on the FairVote website. If you do not find an organization where you are located, contact FairVote and let them know of your interest.