October 2023: The Texas Two-Step Is For Dancing, Not Elections


Work The Polls for RCV

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Calling All Veterans

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The regular legislative session has ended, but we've still got lots of ways for you to get involved in the effort to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. 

  1. Work The Polls for RCV

    Join us in educating Texans about RCV. Volunteer to talk with voters as they exit the polls on election day Tuesday, November 7, or during Early Voting. Choose any polling location in your area you expect will be busy. You decide your hours, any time polls are open, generally between 7am and 7pm. RSVP here

  2. Meet Your Elected Officials 

    Want to join a small group of constituents and meet with your elected officials to discuss the benefits of instant runoffs? It's easy now since you don't even have to ask them to support a specific bill. If you live in North Texas, contact Duke Bond; elsewhere contact Joanne Richards to learn more.

  3. Calling All Veterans

    Are you a veteran who wants to make sure military and overseas voters have their votes counted in runoff elections? Contact Bill Whiting to learn how you can help.

  4. Active On Social Media?

    Spread the word about ranked choice voting to your network. Pick a recent RCV post you'd like to share, for example the explainer video posted on Facebook September 13th, or the graph illustrating the cost savings of eliminating low-turnout runoff elections posted on X August 26th. You choose. Your friends will thank you, and so will we!


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Ranked choice voting continues to gain traction in major media. Two of our volunteers recently had opinion pieces published: Bill Whiting in the San Antonio Report and Paula Winter in the Athens Daily Review.

You can help us expand our coverage to local markets such as community papers and radio stations in your area. If you identify local media outlets that accept opinion pieces or offer on-air interview opportunities, reach out to Paula Winter for content you can submit or to connect with one of our trained speakers.


  • October 14th through 22nd - Texas State Fair Canvass: Come talk to people at the State Fair and ask them to support our efforts to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Texas. David will show you the ropes and reach out about the best shifts for you! Register here


  • October 17 at 7:30PM - Dallas Area RCV Meetup: Come meet and hang out with Ranked Choice Voting enthusiasts in the DFW area. Register here


  • October 19 & 26, November 2, 9, 16, & 30 at 7PM – RCV Pitch Training: Come learn how to talk to people when you are in the field and ask them to support our efforts to bring ranked choice voting to Texas. Register at our Event Calendar

  • October 23 to November 3 and November 7 from 7AM to 7PM - Work the polls: Volunteer to talk with people after they vote about RCV at the polling location of your choice. Register here

  • October 26 at 5:30PM - RCV Speaker Training: Help educate the public about RCV. This training is for volunteers interested in becoming knowledgeable and confident to do RCV presentations. Register here


Ranked choice voting straw polls in Iowa and South Carolina offer insight on 2024 primaries - FairVote

Polls using ranked choice voting can help reveal voters’ true preferences about a crowded field of candidates. Recent polls in two early presidential primary states illustrate the power of ranked choice polling when used to gauge voter sentiment in a single-winner election.

Deliberative Democracy poll: 59% of voters support ranked choice voting for state elections - FairVote

One of the biggest takeaways was the consistent majority support for Ranked Choice Voting in all of its different potential applications. After deliberating, majorities of our sample consistently supported the use of RCV for all kinds of elections — local, state, and national, in both primaries and general elections.

Could ranked choice voting prevent 'nightmare scenario' in Memphis mayoral election? - The Commercial Appeal

Voters in Memphis feared a "nightmare scenario". What finally happened? Paul Young was elected mayor with 28% of the vote. Ranked choice voting would have helped ensure election of a candidate with broad voter support.

Commentary: Ranked-choice primary would increase odds of Haley or Scott win - The Post and Courier 

While the 14 candidates in the presidential race represent the breadth and diversity of the Republican electorate, the winner of the nomination could very easily turn out to be a candidate the majority of voters actually vote against. RCV would avoid this problem.

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