May 2024: The Runoffs Are a Great Opportunity to Educate Voters About RCV!

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Texas will hold its 2024 runoff elections May 28 to finalize which Democratic and Republican primary candidates will be on the ballot in the November general election. Early voting runs from May 20-24. The runoffs provide a great opportunity to talk with voters where they vote and tell them about Ranked Choice Voting.

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Commentary: Let's fix our presidential primaries with ranked choice voting

Hastings Tribune

Fifteen states are holding presidential primaries this April and May.  And at a time when party polarization seems stronger than ever, Donald Trump and Joe Biden voters seem to agree on at least one question:  What's the point?

Miguez's arguments against ranked-choice voting lean on misinformation

Louisiana Illuminator

Ranked choice voting is so dangerous, according to one Louisiana state senator, that no voter should be allowed to use it - except for the tens of thousands of military voters who have used it for years.

Ranked Choice Voting Works for the Overseas Military. Why Not for Everybody?


Some states that allow service members to use the voting system are moving to ban it for everybody else.  It doesn't make sense.

Panelists Discuss Ranked Choice Voting and Polarization with GU Politics

The Hoya

Panelists argued ranked choice voting produces more democratic elections and decreases polarization and apathy in a Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service event April 17.

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