January 2022 Updates

This quarter’s update comes to you as we approach National Ranked Choice Voting Day with special thanks for your continued support as we look ahead to the next legislative session. Our goal to enable all Texans to benefit from using ranked choice voting requires the Texas legislature to pass enabling legislation.

Texas Election Timeline and Candidate Town-halls

The next Texas Legislative session begins on January 10, 2023. Its members will be
determined in the general election on November 8, 2022. Candidates in November
will be determined by results in the March 1 primary elections. These Texas
elections are coming up fast. We encourage you to engage with this year’s candidates
as early as possible.

If you attend any town-halls or other forums, please ask the candidates about their
view of RCV. There are some
sample questions you can use in the Moderate Action section of our website. And don't forget to let us know what they say! 

Volunteer: Talk with voters at polling locations

If you would like to join our effort to educate more Texans about RCV, please
to talk with voters at a polling location on March 1. You could start with Early
Voting, but you are likely to see more voters on Primary Election Day. We will
provide a clipboard sign, some flyers, and a general guide on what to do.

Our last major effort like this was on Super Tuesday in March 2020 and volunteers around
the state added significantly to our list of supporters. Plus it’s fun to spread the word
about RCV! Please join us this time.

Legislative work between session.

In November, a request on our behalf was submitted to the Speaker of the House by
Rep. Jacey Jetton (R) and Rep. Ann Johnson (D) to evaluate the possible impact of
ranked choice voting in Texas, including its impact on voter participation, voter
satisfaction, election costs, public confidence in elections, and ability to nominate
and elect candidates with broad voter support. If this request for an Interim Charge
is approved, it would present an opportunity for legislators to learn more about RCV
as they prepare legislation for the next session.

We are now working to get a matching request submitted in the Texas Senate. A
final determination in both chambers should be announced over the next couple of
months. We are excited for this opportunity and will keep you all posted on the

Local Chapters

Local Chapters are being started in Houston, Austin, and Dallas/Fort Worth that will focus on building relationships with legislators, potential collaborating organizations, and the media in their areas. We hope to start similar efforts in other parts of Texas, so please let us know if you would like to help get one started where you live.

Now more than ever we see the benefits RCV brings to our political environment by helping elect candidates with broad support, improving the voting experience, and saving taxpayer time and money.

Celebrate RCV Day

You can see what is going on around the U.S. at a celebration of RCV Day
on Sunday, January 23rd at 7pm CT.

US Representative Dean Phillips,
FairVote President and CEO Rob
Richie, Represent Women Executive Director Cynthia Terrell, Rank the Vote Executive Director Nathan Lockwood, and RCV organization leaders across the country.

We appreciate the efforts of our current volunteers and depend on financial support from our donors.

See how you can help on our volunteer page or email us at [email protected] and let us know how you would like to help.